Signs Pointing to Hearing Loss

Jan 11, 2019

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Signs Pointing to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may be the result of genes, illnesses, aging, or overexposure to loud noises. People at any age can experience hearing loss, though it is mostly associated with older adults. Hearing loss can sometimes go unnoticed for an extended period of time by both the afflicted person and their loved ones because they are unaware of the warning signs associated with it.

Diagnosing and treating hearing loss before it progresses too far can be beneficial to those who have or may have hearing conditions. Here are some early warning signs of hearing loss:

Ringing in the ears: Also called tinnitus, ringing in the ears is one of the most common hearing loss signs. However, tinnitus does not guarantee a hearing loss is inevitable. In fact, many conditions can cause tinnitus, but it is important to get it checked out by a doctor to determine the exact cause.

Often asking people to repeat themselves: If you find yourself asking loved ones to repeat themselves in conversation while everybody else seemed to hear them fine, you might be experiencing hearing loss. If this is a regular situation, a hearing check may prove advantageous.

People tell you your tv or radio is too loud: If you insist on turning up the volume to the tv or radio when everyone else states it is too loud, you could have a hearing loss condition. Your perception of what is an appropriate volume is inaccurate. While everyone else can hear the tv fine, you might hear a whisper or less.

Speaking loudly: When you have hearing loss, everything sounds quieter than it really is- even your own voice. Because of this, you may speak louder. An appropriate volume to you is actually quite loud to everyone else.

Dizziness or vertigo: Many do not know this, but the ears are partially responsible for maintaining balance. When a person is afflicted with a hearing condition, they may become dizzy or suffer from vertigo. If you find yourself dizzy after standing up or when walking, an ear check could help determine the cause.

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