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Breast Augmentation

Reshaping your breasts, whether by an augmentation, a lift, or a reduction, can have a powerful effect on your overall self image and confidence. Our Board Certified Doctors specialize in a number of breast enhancement procedures. Please browse though the procedure descriptions and the case examples to learn more.

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Male Breast Reduction
  • Breast Reconstruction

Breast Lift/Mastopexy


Many women’s breasts deflate and drop in position after childbirth, weight loss or just with time. At the Vitale Institute of Cosmetic surgery, we can help return your breasts position.

Breast augmentation - woman holding breast

A breast lift, or mastopexy, can be combined with a breast augmentation to improve the shape and size of your breasts if loss of volume is also a concern.

The procedure is performed by remove excess skin and repositioning the nipple. At the Vitale Institute we developed the “lollipop” breast lift. Generally, patients go home the same day as surgery. The expected recovery time before returning to most normal activities and work is about a week.

Breast Reduction

(Reduction Mammaplasty)

Many women with overly large and heavy breasts have to limit their daily activities and clothing choices because of the size of their breasts. These women often suffer from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, and rashes or irritation under their breasts. These problems can restrict the level of activity and exercise that the women can tolerate. Women are often self-conscious about their disproportionately large breasts, and have difficulty finding clothes that fit appropriately.

A breast reduction entails the removal of fatty and glandular breast tissue as well as excess skin, to relieve the extra weight. This also results in creating breasts that are more proportionate to the patient’s body, and typically results in a better breast shape and nipple position.

Some breast reduction patients go home the day of surgery, but for some it is recommended that they stay in the hospital overnight. Most women restrict their activity and remain off work for at least one week after surgery, but some women may require additional time to heal.

Patient satisfaction after breast reduction is generally very high. Women often report significant improvement in quality of life after the relief of their chronic pain and rashes, immediately after the procedure.

Some companies will cover breast reductions if certain guidelines are met.

Male Breast Reduction


Gynecomastia, enlarged male breasts, are a fairly common problem. This condition often cause men to feel self-conscious about their large breasts. Strenuous workouts are often attempted with little or no results.

Male breast reduction surgery is a good option for men with enlarged breasts. It typically involves a combined approach with liposuction to the breast tissue and excision of remaining glandular tissue via a small incision on the breast.

The recovery period involves some bruising and swelling that improves significantly over the first week, with some mild residual swelling that disappears over the following weeks to months. The patient should plan for a reduced activity level over the first few weeks, and then can typically return to full activity, including working out in a couple weeks. A compression garment is typically worn during this time period to aid with comfort and healing.

Breast Reconstruction

The diagnosis of breast cancer can be confusing and overwhelming many doctors are involved, and reconstruction can be the furthest consideration in your mind. Reconstruction for some patients can be preformed at the same time of cancer surgery, which is termed “immediate Reconstruction”.

Breast cancer is a complex problem with many options for treatment. Because of this, no two women have the same reconstructive needs. However, generally speaking, the goal of breast reconstruction is to create an aesthetically pleasing breast that improves self-esteem and confidence. This goal can be accomplished by utilizing a number of surgical techniques.

Breast reconstruction typically involves a series of operations. The first operation works to create the “breast mound.” Depending on the technique used to create the breast mound there may be an operation to revise the breast mound. Then, the nipple is created in a separate procedure. Finally, the nipple and areola (the dark area surrounding the nipple) are tattooed, in an office setting.

To create the breast mound, the surgeon may utilize the patient’s own tissues and/or tissue expanders and breast implants. The most common tissues used to reconstruct a breast involve moving skin, fat, and muscle in the form of a “flap” from the back (latissimus dorsi flap) or from the lower abdomen (transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap or TRAM). The decision over which path to take is determined by a number of factors, and to decide the best reconstruction path for you, typically, an involved discussion with your surgeon is required.

Most women are candidates for immediate breast reconstruction, which means the first stage of their breast reconstruction can be performed at the time of their mastectomy. This is often a positive way to continue moving on with life, while combining two operations. Some women decide for themselves or it may be recommended, based on the characteristics of their tumor or their overall health, to undergo a delayed breast reconstruction. This means that the first stage of their breast reconstruction would begin 6 months to many years after their mastectomy. Again, these decisions can be made with the help of your oncologist, surgical oncologist, and plastic surgeon.

At this time, federal law mandates that all insurance companies pay for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Also included in this mandate is work on the opposite breast to improve the symmetry between the two sides.

At the Vitale Institute, we are ready to help you through a difficult time in your life, and aid you in making some of these complex decisions. In the process, we hope to recreate a positive body image for you, and therefore, allow you to move forward in life with confidence.

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