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Pediatric Ear & Hearing

What is pediatric audiology?

Pediatric audiology is the study and treatment of hearing loss in infants, toddlers and children. Our experts evaluate and treat children of all developmental stages. Our goal is to detect and treat hearing loss and other ear-related disorders in children as early as possible. Since our audiologists work closely with our ENTs, we can care for your child’s whole hearing health.

Hearing is essential for babies’ and young children’s cognitive development. It is especially important to treat deafness in children so that they can cultivate essential speech and communication skills during the developmental years. This is why we focus on early detection and treatment of hearing loss.

Additionally, children are especially susceptible to conditions such as ear infections since their Eustachian tubes, which allow fluid and air to flow through the middle ear, are short and narrow. An ear infection is easily diagnosed through an examination of the child’s ears with an otoscope. If the ears appear dull or red, contain fluid behind the eardrum or pus inside the middle ear, then an ear infection is likely to blame. A hearing test may be recommended, especially if your child has had ear infections in the past.
Many doctors prefer to take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to treating ear infections, especially with younger patients. They often clear up on their own without the need for antibiotics or other aggressive forms of medical treatment. Pain can be managed with eardrops and medications like Tylenol or Motrin (be sure to avoid giving your child aspirin, which has been linked to a dangerous condition known as Reye’s syndrome). Use a warm washcloth pressed to the ear for relief. If the ear infection doesn’t go away on its own and is the result of a bacterial infection, antibiotics will be prescribed.

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